Safe Working Conditions

Fair Trade USA recognizes the establishment and maintenance of safe working conditions as essential to bettering lives and enhancing sustainability.

Fair Trade Certified™ is an award-winning, rigorous, and globally recognized sustainable sourcing model that improves lives, protects the environment, and builds resilient, transparent supply chains.

By setting rigorous standards for worksite protection, sanitary conditions, and clean water access, Fair Trade Certified products can contribute to more equitable worker conditions across the globe. This in turn helps create thriving communities, businesses, and production systems that mutually benefit one another.

In this report, you will learn about: 

  • The advantages of a safe working environment for workers & businesses
  • Fair Trade USA's approach to workplace safety and standards
  • How fair trade standards help meet the need for personal well-being, access to on-site safety equipment, clean drinking water, and proper sanitary conditions.
  • How we track progress towards the United Nation's SDGs 

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